Writer and Social Reformist

I will persevere until Contempt becomes required reading for every family court judge in the country.

"If you don't know who I am, then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly." - Walter White

Contempt,The Book

How would the course of your life change if someone told a false story about you in court, and it was believed? How far would you go to stand up for truth and justice? 

Olivia narrates her family’s story, revealing the chain of events triggered by a single, eventful day in family court. She takes the reader on a mind-boggling journey with her family, a journey that spans twenty years and two continents, a journey that illuminates the big picture within the single-minded environment of a justice system that has become so institutionalized, it devastates the very families it feigns to protect.

Life spiralled out of control for Luke and Olivia when government officials, politicians, and judges made error upon error with a family court case.  Mistakes evolved into actions that reek of a vindictive culture within the walls of the family court system. Woven throughout with a thread of fatal attraction, Olivia's story details the desperate measures she and Luke have taken to protect their family. 

Her true story shines a light on the human side of a legal system that has forgotten families and abandoned any semblance of common sense. 

Set within the backdrop of the Nova Scotian Justice system, Contempt is relevant on a national scope.

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